My Brand

In order to understand what it means to work at Big Boy, perhaps it’s best to understand what is important to Big Boy® himself.


My FoodFood

My Food

I haven’t strayed too far from what I made and you’ve loved for years.  In fact, I’ve just added a few new indulgences to your old favorites. So order something new or something that reminds you of those good old days when you used to come by, but no matter what, my cooking will take you back to the first time you sat down with me for a Double Decker, the Slim Jim®, a vanilla shake or piled your plate high at the breakfast bar.

My PleasureCustomer

My Pleasure

Well, you’re in my home.  And I was raised with some good Midwestern values, making sure that every one of my guests is taken care of. I want them to know that it’s my pleasure to serve them and share these times together.

My HomeBigBoy restaraunt

My Home

From the time you pull up and I greet you outside, to the time you walk in my front door and catch a hint of all my fresh made pies, to sitting down at the table with your friends and family to my famous bar; every sight, sound and smell will remind you of all those good times that we shared together.

My StatueBigBoy Statue

My Statue

It’s me.  You know, your old buddy.  I mean, how many of your other buddies actually have statues of themselves?  In fact I might be the most popular person you know.  I’m an American icon and people have been taking pictures with me for over 70 years.